~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~

~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~
We love what we do and hope you do too!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Primitive Graphic

Super cute graphic. I am going to try and incorporate the colors on a piece we are working on!

Primitive Hall Tree

These are super nice pieces for an entryway. Hang your jackets on and put your shoes underneath them. They are5-6 feet tall and the bottom is 12inches wide at the bottom and the angle up to be about 6 inches wide at the top. They cost 180.00! This is done in the provincial stain and the primitive black. I just love this piece. Another favorite for sure.

Primitive Entryway Table.

I made this cabinet for the same person who ordered the Family Sign I just posted. It is 4 foot long by 32inches tall and 12inches wide. They cost 90. This was done in the primitive black once again. I think this piece would look amazing in the provincial stain and cream or maroon red stain on the outside pieces. It would have an amazing two-tone look. Or the same as it is now with the brown on the back and just the black on the outside. Thank you so much for looking.

Custom Family Signs

I love making signs. I love this mustard yellow. It turned out so good. It is 4 foot long with the star cut outs. I hand stenciled the names in a primitive style lettering. They are between 30-40.00's

Primitive Chicken Coop Cubby

The bottom picture is of a chicken coop cubby. I love love love these cabinets. These cabinets can be used for shoes, in the kitchen for pantry stuff, in your kids rooms for toys or even in your bedroom for clothes. Gosh there are just so many things you can use these for. They are 3foot wide by 12-16 inches wide and 32 inches tall. They run between 100-130 ! Price can always very between the width and lengths. One of the coolest pieces ever I swear!!!! Who ever first came up with this idea is a genius!

Huge Primitive Cubby with Bookshelf and a Covered Teacher Cabinet

This paticular cubby is 4ft by 4ft. It is huge. I had a custom order from an in home daycare in Camp Lejeune. She ordered 2 of these and 1 other cabinet. The bottom 2 pictures are a teacher cubby cabinet. They have locks on the doors and shelves to put all her paperwork and books! They are done in really dark expresso stain and in primitive black stain-paint. They are 180 each. Heavy heavy heavy.

Wooden Candle Stands

These cute little candle stands are 15 to 20 inches tall and 4 inches wide. I love putting candles on them or little knick nacks. They are 15 each. I can make them more of the square look which actually is the more popular primitive look. You just let me know what you have in mind and we can custom build you anything!Thanks so much for looking.

Primitive Corner Cubby Cabinet

This corner cabinet is one of the coolest pieces we have actually made. It is not an easy piece so it takes a long time to get it perfect. I love these. Multi functioning peices. I want to make one for our new house. I love this so much. They can be made to fit any size corner. They look really good being about 4 foot wide, so it is 1.5 feet on each side and a 1 foot section in the middle. They are roughly between 130-170 depending on the price of the wood. Seems pricey but with the wood prices going up and down all the time it is hard to find it when it is on sale. We are not looking to make a huge profit, just enough to buy somemore wood to start another project. Thanks so much for looking!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Got our second order today!!! Super excited.

Just had our 2nd order for furniture today. The sweetest people dropped off the deposit and said they will be ordering more furniture as soon as they move into their new house. I am so excited to have this order so we can get some customers under our belt here in California. Just a quick thank you to them! Happy building on our part. Post pictures of their cabinet when we get ready to deliver it next weekend!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Small update to our small furniture business!

Aww aren't they super cute.. I was so determined to make a website that I lost focus on the benefits of just making furniture locally. It is so hard to ship big pieces of furniture. I would love to be able to ship furniture across the country, but with the chance of having the furniture ruined in transit it makes me nervous. With shipping prices going up it is just beneficial for us to just stay a local business for the time being. Next year it will be a different story! Thank you to everyone who has bought furniture from us. Thank you thank you!!!

*Thank you Moons and Stars Graphics*

Small thanks to a wonderful webiste company I ordered all of my templates from. Thank you so very much! I absolutely love everything...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

*Thank you Tabby's Candle Bakery*

This is just a small example of my stash of goodies I have surrounded throughout my house!Just wanted to say thank you to Tabby for all of my amazing candles and tarts. You are truely the best!!! I get so many compliments on how awesome my house smells. I can't tell you how many times people tell me I have way to many, but when they smell how good they are they start to understand! I hate that we are so far apart now but I know the post office isnt... Tabby's candle bakery is like no other. Not to mention we do things for eachother and that is a huge plus in my book. She orders furniture and tutu's and I order her candles and tarts. Best bartering ever!!! Thanks Tabby...

Our new entertainment center

Over the weekend I convinced Chris to make me a new entertainment center that fit better for our wall. It turned out AMAZING!!! It is 3.5 feet tall by 4 foot wide and 12 inches deep. These are $160 each. We added a bottom shelf for our receivers. It looks really good. I still have to add the chicken wire to the doors but I wanted to post a picture of it first. I will add a new picture when it is all done. I distressed the color instead of doing a solid primitive black. It looks like it was torched with a wood burner. One of my most favorite pieces now. Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok so who doesnt love the idea of hiding your dirty stove...

Just joking. This is an oven cover or topper. It works on flat surface stoves or even gas stove. I first made one for my flat surface stove and since we moved I now have a gas stove and to be honest they work the same. Of coarse you have to let the stove cool down before putting your cover on. My forget me not, is taking it off when using the oven. It is such a nice piece. If you cook alot like I do, sometimes it gets irritating moving it on and off. When you put it back on it looks fantastic and everything is nice and tidy. I love my cover. They are custom fit to the size of your stove. So far like I mentioned I had two very different stoves but they where the same dimention. So I think these would fit your ordinary stove unless you get a Paula Deen extra stretched out stove with 10 burners,lol... Thanks for looking!

Miranda's cabinet in antique cream

This cabinet is done in antique cream. I made this in two pieces. It turned out fantastic. Yes I seen another furniture maker's stuff and got my idea from it. I bought one of these from an aquantance and used the same plans to make this one. It looks exactly like it. I am very pleased with how this turned out. It is 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide and 12 inches deep. I love the color of this. I can custom make them larger or smaller. This is the perfect height and works wonders for hiding stuff.. These cabinets do not have to be antiqued and can go into any modern style home. I happen to love primitive stuff and these are amazing pieces. Thanks for looking!

Last post for the day: Amanda Devers banner and chess table

Beautiful Banner made by a friend and photographer Amanda Devers. Love it....
Super aweome chess table I made for Amanda's older sons for Christmas this year. I immitated my Great Grandmothers hand made chess board and re-designed it just a smidgen and it turned out fantastic. I made it to sit on this table so when you weren't using the chess table you could hang it on the wall, and use the table as a night stand or end table. Perfect combination.
Close up to the top of the chess board. A distressed creamy navy blue and a light tan outlined in primitive cream. As soon as I added the poly to the top the dark provincial stain color started to come through and it looked amazing. Makes the chess board look older than it is, and that was exactly what Amanda wanted.

Tabby's furniture part 2

Customized star display cabinet. These could be used in your bathroom as a medicine cabinet, in a kitchen for spices or just about anything. This is such a nice piece. It is 20 inches by 24 inches by 4 inches.
23by 23 display tray I made for Tabby to display her sample tarts in. It once again turned out great. Tabby has been such an amazing friend I wanted to make her something simply special for her candle bakery. When i went to her house after I delivered all of her goodies. I seen how amazing her showroom looked. It was great. I felt as if I made her even more business now that her stuff had its own little place to go. She displays all of her forsale items now and I couldn't be happier.
Tabby's very special present to her mom for Christmas. This entertainment center is 6 ft long, by 36 inches high by 12 inches deep. Done in a primitive distressed black and a provincial brown stain. This has to be my proudest piece... My husband and I worked on this for hours and hours to get it to look perfect. We added thick 1by4 boards in the back instead of beadboard. It turned out absolutely amazing. I really could not be more proud of this piece. I love how I distressed the color instead of it being more of a solid looking black with distressed edges. Amazing...

My HUGE order for Tabetha Billings

Two of many pieces. The bottom is a cubby cabinet to display all of Tabby's candles and tarts she makes for her showroom. The top is a cubby shelf but after building it I discovered it was extremely heavy and would probably do better sitting on something. Tabby wanted her pieced done different than the dark stained back. So with a few ideas she gave me I decided to distress the antique cream so you could see the grain of the wood through it. It turned out amazing.
Tabby's huge cabinet. Also done with the distressed cream and primitive black. It is actually 2 pieces so you could take the top and flip it so the door swings up or down. This was a surprise piece Tabby didnt even know I was making her. She asked me to surprise her so I did... It turned out fantastic.

Primitive Double Door Star Cabinet

This cabinet is 4ft long by 32 inches high and 12 inches deep. I can customize this cabinet to be any height, width or depth. This is done in a primitive Black called Mystic Black. I will be adding a picture of a 5ft by 32inch by 12 inch one after I edit the picture. I also made it different than this one so you will be able to see the options for differences. These are $120.00 from start to finish. Thank you so much for looking. Oh and before I forget I can do any color. I have available now, primitive black, primitive cream, navy blue, primitive rusty red, and mustard yellow. I can also make the cabinets without any stain incase you have something in mind you would like to paint it. I dont mind buying the paint if you had a particular color in mind like turquoise or something like that. I would however love a color swatch that way I could go and buy the exact color you had in mind. Thanks again.
One more thing geez. I dont have to do the star cut outs on the doors, I can do solid doors or even tin doors. I have available willow tree tin at the moment. They are so beautiful i cant wait to make a cabinet with them so I can showcase the piece..

My Primitive Banner made by Mandy

My beautiful primitive banner from a dear friend of mine! This is better than I expected and I love it so much.