~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~

~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our new addition to not only furniture but now candles and tarts


Just a small sample of the newest things to come from my kitchen as well as my garage... I have been buying candles and tarts for years and my friend Tabby who made all my stuff suggested I do it myself. She said you are way to crafty not to atleast try it out. Well now I am selling these like hotcakes.. I love love love these.. Who doesnt love a house that smells good. I am not dissing scentsy or yankee candle but come on, who doesnt love a candle that is handmade.. They are stronger, last longer and all hand poured.. If they arent strong enough I can always make them stronger. If they are too strong, I can always calm them down. I have over 60 scents and many different molds to use.. Everytime you order you may get something different each time. I love changing things up...

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