~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~

~*~Handmade Primitive Furniture~*~
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Primitive Corner Cubby Cabinet

This corner cabinet is one of the coolest pieces we have actually made. It is not an easy piece so it takes a long time to get it perfect. I love these. Multi functioning peices. I want to make one for our new house. I love this so much. They can be made to fit any size corner. They look really good being about 4 foot wide, so it is 1.5 feet on each side and a 1 foot section in the middle. They are roughly between 130-170 depending on the price of the wood. Seems pricey but with the wood prices going up and down all the time it is hard to find it when it is on sale. We are not looking to make a huge profit, just enough to buy somemore wood to start another project. Thanks so much for looking!

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